Hi and welcome to Cloe, a platform that helps teachers and students to find new and innovative solutions to common educational needs.

My name is Vincenzo, I am a teacher/blogger with a passion for technology and personal growth.

The main idea behind this blog is that eduction goes both ways, it is helpful to the students and also to the teachers.

Students can benefit from interacting with their instructors in a variety of ways, many of which are pretty self-intuitive, while teachers can also get a lot out of it if they keep an open mind and a learning mentality.

Finding different ways to teach means doing a lot of research, learning how to use different tools and platforms, solving problems.

All of these factors contribute to the improvement of the teacher as well as the enrichment of the learning experience for the students, whatever their age or level.

That is why I have chosen the name Cloe for this blog, it means sprout or bud in Greek, and it represent the possibility for change and betterment.

As a seed can go from just a small stone to a tree, us humans as well can become something much grander than we can ever imagine.

To actually do it we only need to believe in ourselves and keep learning.