What is educational technology

The meaning of education has never been so wide and multifaceted as it is today.

The days of chalks and blackboards are slowly fading out. Teachers have a lot more tools now and, what’s even more important,  schools and universities are not the only depositaries of knowledge anymore. 

They have to compete with an array of digital sources – from Youtube to Facebook, from Twitter to Podcasts – that have made learning as easy and accessible as it has never been before.

Educational technology is the ongoing process of using technology for teaching and educating, but it is more than just that because rather than replacing traditional schooling it has complemented it. 

The most innovative teachers of today are thus using technology to shorten the generational gap that separates them from their students, to inspire and engage them. 

Being up-to-date with the digital tools available for teaching today is – for this reason – an essential part of being a teacher. 

Trying to do without would be like pretending to live in a different reality – a reality where there is no internet and smartphones.  

In today’s world the classrooms are much wider than before, they include rooms and trains and streets, they can be anywhere you can get a 4G signal, anywhere you can connect log into a webinar or watch a tutorial.