How to create a Web Quest – Subject Sampler

Subject Sampler - How to create a WebQuest

subject sampler webquest


Webquests are used by teachers all over the world to stimulate independent thinking and teach students how to properly use the internet for educational purposes.

At the end of this series of activities the learner will be able to do the following: 

1. Understand what is a WebQuest and why it is a useful tool for learning and teaching;
2. List all the components of a webquest;
3. Create their own webquest. 

Activity 1

Watch this video and read this Wikipedia article explaining What is a Webquest. 

Activity 2

Using one of the websites mentioned in the video, find 5 examples of webquests that could be relevant to your work as a teacher or student and for each one explain why and how you would use them.


Activity 3

Based on what you have seen during Activiy 2, write a short essay in which you explain what are the benefits and drawbacks of WebQuests.

Activity 4

Using or create a WebQuest on a topic of your choice and then share it on the classroom forum. 


WebQuests are about learning independently and using the internet responsibly. 

It is essential that teachers who want to use them understand how they work and what could be some possible disadvantages.