What is a WebQuest and how to create one (Webinar)

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Hi Everyone, 

Today we will discover what are web quests and how to create one. 

What is a WebQuest

Let’s start with a definition: a WebQuest is an inquiry-oriented lesson format in which most or all the information that learners work with comes from the web. 

Basically in a WebQuest the students are given a task that has to be completed by reading and/or watching internet material that has been pre-selected by the teacher. 

The benefits of WebQuests

This can have several benefits: 

  1. It can foster independent and critical thinking
  2. It can increase competency in technology 
  3. And it can teach students how to find educational resources and expand their knowledge using the web.

The structure of WebQuests

Regarding the structure, a webquest has 5 essential parts: 

In the introduction, the teacher sets the scene and gives important background information about the subject of the quest.

In the task, the students will discover what they will be able to produce by the end of the quest.

The process contains the necessary steps to accomplish the task, including links to the resources that need to be used. 

The evaluation section explains the criteria through which the work will be graded.

The conclusion contains final reflections, questions or any further information that might be useful to expand on what the students have learned. 

Where to find WebQuests

To find practical examples of WebQuests you can go to  webquest.org or questgarden.com 

In the last one you just need to go to “search for examples” and you’ll see the WebQuest search window.

Let’s say we want to assign a WebQuest on the parts of speech to your students. 

Type the keyword “parts of speech” and here we have a list of WebQuests on the topic divided by grade and reading level. 

When you find the one you want another page opens up with your WebQuest, as you can see on the left we have all our sections, introduction, task, process, evaluation, conclusion and also credits and teacher’s page. 

How to create a WebQuest

Now, if you want to create your own webquest you have a few options: 

You can create it on Microsoft Word either from scratch or from one of the many templates available online.

Or you can use an online service like bookwidgets.com or zunal.com.

I’ll show you how easy it is. 

On bookwidgets.com create a free account or sign in with your google, microsoft or smart school credentials. 

Click on widgets and then create new widget, from the menu choose WebQuest and here are our sections. 

Fill each one with the information, media and resources needed to complete the quest and then click on share, on the top right corner of the page, to find and copy the link to send to your students.

To show you what it would look like I have created an example of webquest on Microsoft Word. 

This is the back-end of the quest.

In the introduction I explain what is Microsoft word and what types of content you can create with it.

In the task we find the goals to accomplish by the end of the quest.

In the process section we have a series of steps to be completed by students, like watching tutorials and creating documents.

In the evaluation we have a rubric and in the conclusion some extra reading material. 

This is the front end, what students actually see. 

That’s all for today, I hope that this short webinar was useful and it will help you create amazing webquests for your students. 

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or want to show me your work. 

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